​John Cena Reveals When He Plans To Retire, Designing His Own Merchandise – Video


As noted earlier, ABC News recently interviewed John Cena regarding his ESPY hosting gig. You can watch a video of the interview below:

On how much longer he’ll wrestle: “I’m going to do this as long as I physically can. There is a definitive end in sight. But man, I’m gonna milk it for all that it’s worth. And not like, ‘I’m gonna hang on to my spot man.’ … I just want to be involved, I want to be able to contribute because the noise and the appreciation, like that is such wonderful psychology to be able to manipulate.

On designing his own merchandise: “I design all my own merchandise…I come up with the marketing of it and I’m really in tune to our live event….I love the business. You gotta work hard now because the entertainment business, you know, it’s not guaranteed.”

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