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John Cena Says ‘The Suicide Squad’ Director Is Similar To Vince McMahon


During a recent interview with Collider, WWE Superstar John Cena commented on The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker director James Gunn being similar to Vince McMahon. As Cena was promoting F9: The Fast Saga, he was asked the following question – “What made James Gunn so much better than any other director you’ve worked with?”

Cena chuckled at first, then said, “That’s an easy question to answer. James is everything, and the reason he is such a great director is because he assumes all roles. He creates the story from the ground up. He supervises the story as the producer. He manages all personalities when they are on set as a coach. He’s very determined in his selection process of the cast, so he’s a casting agent. He’s meticulous on small details, so he’s wardrobe design. He’s a ridiculously intricate storyboarder, so he’s a production designer as well.

I think his ability to have his hands in everything — he’s like um, he’s almost like the Vince McMahon of a movie. Vince is involved in everything, and wants to be. And I mean everything, as in like — and this is James, as well — marketing, and certainly putting himself out there. ‘The Suicide Squad — a James Gunn film,’ he’s putting his stamp on on that, which means he believes in the product. And he does that so fluently because because he’s invested in every piece of it. He has confidence in what he does. He’s just too many things at once.”

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