Jonathan Gresham

Jonathan Gresham Stripped Of The PROGRESS World Championship


Jonathan Gresham has been stripped of the PROGRESS World Championship.

During Sunday night’s PROGRESS Chapter 134 event, the title was declared vacant following a match featuring Gene Munny defeating Jonathan Gresham by DQ.


Lykos Gym came out and attacked Munny during the match, which went against the stipulations for the match. Those stipulations included Gresham being stripped of the title if there was a DQ finish.

You can check out the official announcement from PROGRESS Wrestling below:

Jonathan Gresham stripped of PROGRESS Wrestling World Championship After Controversial Chapter 134 Main Event
PROGRESS Chapter 134: ‘No Mountain High Enough’ took place today at The Electric Ballroom in London and ended with the PROGRESS Wrestling World Championship being declared vacant as well as the fulfillment of one of the longest-held desires of the PROGRESS hardcore fanbase.

This surprising turn of events came as a result of the main event match between PROGRESS World Champion Jonathan Gresham and fan favourite, Gene Munny.

The stipulation of the match would see Munny qualify for June’s Super Strong Style 16 tournament if he were to defeat Gresham, with both men having not suffered a loss in PROGRESS in 2022.

Before the match, Gresham’s long-time allies, Lykos Gym, attacked Munny, leading to management inserting a stipulation that if Gresham was disqualified he would be stripped of the PROGRESS Championship.

Shockingly, not only did the Lykos pair attack Munny again later in the match, leading to the disqualification, they also did it in deliberate view of the referee, ensuring that Gresham was to lose the title he won from Cara Noir in March.

After Lykos revealed their deception was long in the planning, Munny demanded a match with one of the Wolves, not being satisfied with a place in the tournament unless he got a clean pinfall victory. Just minutes later, he got it, pinning Kid Lykos One’s shoulders for the 1-2-3.

Whilst this unexpected ending sees PROGRESS with a vacant world championship for only the third time in the title’s ten-year history, it also sees Gene Munny finally fulfil his long-stated ambition of being entered into Super Strong Style 16, which takes place in London over three nights, 3rd-5th June.

Whilst fans will rejoice at Munny being part of said tournament, they will be keen to hear from PROGRESS management in the coming days what this means for the immediate future of the championship.

Tickets for Super Strong Style 16 and other future PROGRESS events can be purchased now from

You can check out the complete results from the PROGRESS Chapter 134 event below:

* Tables Match: Alexxis Falcon def. Skye Smitson

* Ricky Knight Jr. def. Leon Slater

* Raven Creed def. Max The Impaler

* Cara Noir vs. Spike Trivet went to a double DQ.

* Super Strong Style 16 Tournament 2022 Qualfying Four Way Match: Maggot def. Axel Tischer and Bobby Gunns and Jurn Simmons

* PROGRESS Atlas Championship Match: Luke Jacobs def. Roy Johnson

* PROGRESS Tag Team Championships #1 Contendership Match: Smokin’ Aces fought The Sunshine Machine to a time limit draw.

* PROGRESS World Championship Match: Gene Munny def. Jonathan Gresham by DQ. Gresham was stripped of the title due to the stipulation surrounding the match.

* Super Strong Style 16 Qualifying Match: Gene Munny def. Kid Lykos II

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