JTG Pays Tribute to Shad Gaspard, Thanks Fans For Their Support


JTG took to his Instagram account on Sunday, paying tribute to Shad Gaspard. Gaspard passed away last week after he was caught in a riptide in Venice Beach, California. Gaspard instructed the lifeguard to “save my son!” before he was sucked under by a large wave. JTG said,

I want to say thank you to all the friends, fans and family who reached out to me and Shads family during this difficult time. The outpour of love and support has definitely helped me get through this. I have my moments where I’m in disbelief and feeling a tremendous amount of hurt but as soon as I start to reminisce about Shad and our relationship I begin to smile. I have tons of memories of Shad and I just us chilling for no reason and having a great time, enjoying each other’s energy, working out together, traveling the world together.

Laughing about inside jokes that nobody around knew about, doing edibles after a show then binge eating at Red Lobster, and our favorite roasting each other relentlessly. The Relationship that I and Shad had comes along once in a lifetime. If you have a friend or a loved one that you’re close to, always try to make an effort to let them know how much you appreciate them. Tomorrow is never promised.

Shad and I always expressed how much we appreciated each other in each other’s lives and then follow it up with a good ole fashion roast……just to balance things out.

Shad, Thank you for always being there for me. You were more than my tag team partner, more than a friend you were the big brother I always wanted growing up. The world will remember you for what you are. A HERO

You can donate to the Shad Gaspard GoFundMe account by clicking here.

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