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NewsJuice Robinson Doesn't Believe WWE Wants To Bring Him Back

Juice Robinson Doesn’t Believe WWE Wants To Bring Him Back



During a recent appearance on the “Inside The Ropes” podcast, NJPW wrestler Juice Robinson was asked about a potential return to WWE.

For those unaware, Robinson worked in WWE NXT as CJ Parker prior to being released back in 2015.

As far as a return to WWE is concerned, Robinson doesn’t believe they are interested in bringing him back. He said,

“You know what they say in wrestling, ‘never say never, hahaha.’ But you know, my life, it seems to be going [in] a different direction now, so I would say…I don’t even think that I would be a person that they are looking to have there, I was already there, it didn’t really work, no problem. I think they’re cool. I don’t really know what they think about me. I don’t really care. And I’m sure they don’t care what I think about them, so it’s all good.”

As we’ve been reporting here on eWn, AEW officials are reportedly interested in bringing the current Bullet Club member in.

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