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Jungle Boy Isn’t Bothered By Jim Ross Using His Real Name On Commentary


Jungle Boy, aka Jack Perry, was recently interviewed by Ryan Satin for Pro Wrestling Sheet.

In the interview, Jungle Boy discusses how he feels about Jim Ross on commentary considering Jim has a tendency to refer to him as his real name, Jack Perry, instead of his in-ring name.

As it turns out, Jungle Boy, like many wrestling fans, views Jim Ross as the voice of pro wrestling and because of that, he trusts his judgment calls and is just happy to have JR saying his name at all:

“I feel like I got here, at least, on my own merits. For me, honestly, to even hear Jim Ross say my name is cool. That’s the voice of wrestling to me.

“If that had happened at an earlier age and it were someone else, I probably would have said ‘Can you not do that?’ But I’m not gonna say that to Jim. If that’s what it sounds like to him, that’s cool with me.”

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