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News​Karl Anderson Discusses His WWE Debut & Earning The Respect On The...

​Karl Anderson Discusses His WWE Debut & Earning The Respect On The Locker-Room, Reigns/Cena



During a recent interview with, Karl Anderson discussed his WWE debut and earning the respect of the locker-room, John Cena and Roman Reigns, and more. Here are some highlights:

How is the transition into the WWE?: “It’s been unreal. This is where we wanted to be. To be able to come in and make an impact like we have in the WWE with two of my best friends (Luke Gallows and A.J. Styles) and working together like this has been cool. To do things with John Cena and when we worked with Romans Reigns has been surreal. It’s something we knew we could do and it’s been amazing.”

You feel like you’ve gotten respect by working with top guys like John Cena and Roman Reigns so early into your WWE run?: “We had confidence in ourselves to be able to come in and be able to do it. It has been cool to have the opportunity to work with guys like Roman and guys like Cena. They’re superstars. They’re are the ones carrying the WWE to where we are. So it’s been great to work with them.”

WWE will be airing Smackdown live on Tuesday’s starting in July to counter Raw on Mondays. With the talk of splitting the roster for each show do you feel that it’s a new opportunity for WWE superstars?: “The brand extension is going to offer different opportunities. What they did back 2001 or 2002 or whenever it was I think John Cena ended up on Smackdown and ended up turning himself into a global superstar. One of my best friends Finn Balor is in NXT and when he gets up to either Raw or Smackdown we’ll get to see him. He’ll be amazing and there are other superstars from NXT that will get to come up that the world needs to see. There is a ton of depth on the roster and we’re all excited for the opportunity. It’s going to give everyone a chance to grow.”

Do you have a dream match in WWE? Whether it’s a tag team match or singles competition?: “Being in the WWE is a dream in itself. Being in the ring with John Cena on Monday night was something crazy. I’d love to get in the ring with Randy Orton. Roman was cool to be in the ring with, Dolph Ziggler would be really sweet. But I think Randy Orton right now would be pretty cool for me.

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