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Kevin Sullivan Pitches Big Idea For All In 2023, Wants AEW To Sign Ryback



On a recent edition of his “Tuesday with The Taskmaster” podcast, former WCW booker Kevin Sullivan suggested that AEW should bring in a major boxing champion, similar to how WWE used Tyson Fury in the past, to get some mainstream exposure for All In 2023 at Wembley Stadium in London. Sullivan said,

“[WWE] used Tyson Fury one time. It was in [Saudi Arabia], and they didn’t make a big thing out of it. Well, boxing is at a zenith right now in England. [Anthony] Joshua just knocked out a guy last weekend. Fury’s coming back to fight. I would bring one of those guys in and do something with them. Going back, not just to [WWE] WrestleMania and [Backlash in] Puerto Rico, when they bring in a celebrity, it brings wrestling to a different level. Bad Bunny has done an incredible job. The [Logan] Paul kid has done an incredible job. I think if [AEW] they brought Fury in or even Joshua in, just give a little sprinkle, not that they need to because they’re obviously going to sell out, but it would just put the cherry on the soda.”

Sullivan also pitched the idea for AEW to sign Ryback, noting that the former WWE Superstar deserves a second chance in the wrestling business. He said,

“I think that if he came back, he’d have a better chance coming back to AEW — fresh start, fresh thought, no sins. If he really apologized, from the heart, everybody deserves a second chance.”

Ryback left WWE in 2016 and has not wrestled since August 2018.

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