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LA Knight Reflects On Bray Wyatt Feud & Mountain Dew Pitch Black Match



In conversation with the “Inside The Ropes” podcast ahead of last Saturday’s WWE Money in the Bank 2023 pay-per-view event, LA Knight discussed the ‘Mountain Dew Pitch Black Match’ and his feud with Bray Wyatt. While the match, feud and Bray Wyatt’s overall work was poorly received throughout this time period, Knight stuck out as the only one shining.

Reflecting on how the program gave him a platform to start showcasing his personality in WWE, Knight said,

“Well I feel like that whole thing, that whole interaction for those few months kind of put me on the map for a little bit because here I was in a very visible role finally, doing my thing, getting a chance to make the most of the minutes as they say because whether you’re going to give me 30 seconds or 30 minutes, I’m gonna make the damnedest of it and I’m gonna make you remember it and that’s exactly what I did so, no matter how the Mountain Dew match went, at the end of the day, I knew I was gonna come out of that pretty damn peachy and so from then on, it’s just kind of been this ground swell and it’s been picking up from there because I’ve been able to come out, just do my thing, be me, do me the way I know how to do and I’m getting everybody as far away from zero as possible. I’m gonna make you say something. Whether it’s good, bad, boo, cheer, do what you want.”

While Knight failed to win the Money in the Bank 2023 ladder match this past weekend at the eponymous event, he has vowed to strap the rocket to his own back, and crowd support for the former Eli Drake is expected to soar further in the coming months.

As far as Bray Wyatt is concerned, shortly after his feud with Knight, he began feuding with Bobby Lashley. A match between Wyatt and Lashley was set for WrestleMania 39 but was called off and never mentioned again when Wyatt chose to apparently take another sabbatical from wrestling.

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