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Lady Frost Says She Was Told She Was Too Old During A WWE Tryout, More



During a recent interview with Fightful, Lady Frost commented on getting a tryout with WWE, being told she was too old, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On her time working in WWE as an extra and getting a tryout: “No. I just said I wasn’t even a trained wrestler. I was not a wrestler. I was a manager. I hadn’t done anything in the ring before. I never cut a promo. Nothing. So they give me this sheet of paper for the promo and he’s like, ‘It’s not gonna be live. If you need a few takes, it’s fine. I’ll be back in a little bit.’ He comes back in a minute or two and he’s like, ‘Hey, so I want to go over a few things.’ He’s like, ‘Did you look at that promo?’ I said, ‘Well, yeah. I have it memorized.’ He said, ‘Already?’ I said, ‘Yeah.’ He said, ‘Let me hear it.’ So I gave him the take. He was like, ‘Okay. I’ll be right back.’ I think he was like, ‘What the hell just happened?’ So I’m not sure if it was set to be scheduled live or not, but after they heard me do it a few times, I certainly didn’t know that it was going to be live. I was still under the impression that I was gonna be in the stands, they said. But yeah, it was a one take promo live. I think that’s what really set Twitter on fire and then the fact that it was my very first match ever. Literally.”

On her WWE tryout experience: “I felt like it went really well, which is crazy. I got great feedback. I was almost under the impression that they were so pleased and then it led to more extra work and a tryout. I think things worked out the way that they were supposed to. But I think I was led to believe that was the place that I was going to end up. I was in a group of, I believe, of just under forty. I was number thirty-two or something, I don’t know how I remember that. I get hit in the head and I can’t remember anything, like what I ate last night. There were a lot of us. I don’t know if people would know because Lady Frost is quite the opposite, but I wasn’t confident at all. I didn’t like anything that I did. I was never one to be like, ‘I killed that.’ Ever. But I really feel like I did well because it was just basic rolls and working out. Those things that I can do. You want me to push a sled? Agility on the ladder? Hell yeah, I can crush that stuff. So as far as that, I feel like it went very well.”

On what her tryout consisted of: “I had two promos because I was so green—I think I had two matches at that point—they didn’t give me a tryout match, they gave me a promo to do with a big body guy who could not speak. So he just stood there. I was like the Lio Rush at the time, just gassing him up. I had two very different promos. One was personal, a shoot promo that I went with because I went if they had scoured me at all, they had seen Lady Frost and there was a cadence there, it’s cold and calculated. So I gave them a real one. Did the one with Nick. I felt like it went well. I really do.”

On being told Scott Armstrong that they weren’t hiring people her age in WWE:Her thoughts on the matter: “That’s the thing. I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life. I’m doing things that twenty-year-olds would be doing anyway. Not that that matters. But it’s disheartening because it’s something I can’t change, I can’t work on, I can’t get better at. It’s not, ‘Hey, practice in the mirror for your promo’ or ‘Hey, go take lucha classes,’ ‘Go take this.’ I literally have no control over that.”

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