Lilian Garcia Reacts to Criticism After Comments on Looting and Rioting in USA


Lilian Garcia spoke about the riots happening in the US after the death of George Floyd in a post on Instagram. 

As a result, she received some criticism over her take about the situation and responded with the following: 

Yesterday I was supporting the protest to say that change had to take place and I understood the pain some of my friends were experiencing from the George Floyd death, BUT looting and vandalism is NOT the answer!!! Especially businesses that had NOTHING to do with Floyd’s death. They were already having a hard time due to the pandemic and now don’t even have businesses to come back to because someone felt like their agenda was more important. HATE NEVER REPAIRS HATE!! And putting a blanket statement that all cops are bad is NOT true and NOT productive. We NEED police officers or there wouldn’t be any order in this world. And I TRULY believe there are some good cops that REALLY want to be of service. I will ALWAYS choose to spread light in this world! That is the ONLY way to make REAL change. I hope you will be just as sad today to see what the negative actions of some have caused and choose to turn your hate and anger into something productive by spreading love. This could sound corny to some but I don’t care. It IS the ONLY way to truly make change! Know that I LOVE you my #lilarmy ! #blacklivesmatter #georgefloyd #love #lariots #bethechange #spreadlove #hateneverwins #losangeles

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