Lince Dorado Says He Didn’t Want To Do 2019 Lars Sullivan Feud


Former WWE Superstar Lince Dorado has said that he didn’t want to do the controversial Lars Sullivan storyline in 2019.

In June that year, Dorado, along with the Lucha House Party feuded with Sullivan, who had only just been called up to the main roster.

Around the same time, several controversies came to light from Sullivan’s past, including racist and sexist social media posts from WWE’s newest ‘Freak.’

When the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast spoke to Dorado this week, the former Superstar admitted he didn’t want to feud with Sullivan, saying:

“We didn’t wanna do that [the Lars Sullivan feud] and it had nothing to do with Lars but we had just did a European tour where, you know, we had the — one of the biggest pops all tour, Europe loved the luchas. We even made videos of ‘The Luchas go to Europe’ kind of thing… all those things about Lars came out from his past, about him saying some racist things or whatever and you know, that was kind of more fuel for us to not do what they wanted us to do.”

Dorado said he took issue with WWE’s idea for Sullivan to squash the entire Lucha House Party in a 3-on-1 handicap match, telling the company, “You really think that? That he could take all three of us?”

At Super Showdown 2019, Sullivan won via DQ after being attacked by Dorado, Kalisto and Gran Metalik.

Following even more controversies from his past coming to light, Lars Sullivan was released in January 2021, and has said he is “likely done” with professional wrestling.

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