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NewsLince Dorado Says He Wrestled Many Matches In 2023 Without His Mask

Lince Dorado Says He Wrestled Many Matches In 2023 Without His Mask



Lince Dorado may be instantly recognizable with his trademark mask, but the former WWE Superstar ditched his mask several times in 2023.

On a recent edition of the “LAW with Chris Tidwell” podcast, Dorado spoke about wrestling without his mask over the past year. He said,

“What if I told you, last year, I wrestled without the mask, under a different name about 30 times? I’ve always had this manifestation dream that I will wrestle one day without the mask on my terms. Whether I lose it to somebody I really want to lose it to or I do the story I’ve always had in my head that I would really love to do. Without having a home, a wrestling home, it’s hard to do that and just do it. I did start planting some seeds last year.

“Some promoters that I used to work for, I asked, and I said, ‘Hey, I want you to book me as a green guy. Don’t advertise that I’m a former WWE wrestler or Lince. Just book me as this character. I want to be the most vet-rookie out there, basically.’ About 30 times, I wrestled without the mask last year.

“One time I wrestled on Main Event for WWE. Afterward, I was like, ’I just want to go out in the crowd, in the audience in the arena, and I just want to feel the energy. I went out there with no mask, my regular clothes, and nobody knew who I was. They didn’t know. You couldn’t tell it was me. Completely different moveset, facials were completely different. Outfit was different. Eventually, this year, it’s going to culminate in Bruce Wayne meets Batman.”

Dorado has been active on the independent scene and served as a guest coach at the WWE Performance Center in November of last year.

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