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Lodi Provides An Update On His Health Following Heart Attack, ‘Before The Impact’



Lodi suffered a heart attack back in June and had to undergo quintuple bypass surgery.

On a recent edition of the “Developmentally Speaking” podcast, the former WCW wrestler provided an update on his health and recovery process.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his heart attack: “I was wrestling about an hour from home against a guy who should be on TV and he will be soon enough, his name is Lucky Ali… We were wrestling and I had a heart attack and four days later, went in for a triple bypass and they realized that they missed two blockages, so I ended up having a quintuple bypass on June 21.”

On his recovery process: “I’m recovering, getting my body back in shape, but the last time I saw my surgeon in August, he kinda’ tempted me a little bit. He’s like ‘You’ve recovered so well’… I heal really fast.”

You can check out this week’s edition of “Before the IMPACT” below:

“The action begins Before the IMPACT, streaming this Thursday at 7:15pm ET exclusively on YouTube, IMPACT Plus (live player) and Facebook. Following the shocking development that KiLynn King was the one who took out her own tag team partner, Taylor Wilde, King will lock up with Jody Threat on BTI. Plus, Gia Miller, Josh Mathews and George Iceman get you ready for all things IMPACT.”

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