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NewsLooking At The Pro Wrestling Podcast Craze (Pt. 2)

Looking At The Pro Wrestling Podcast Craze (Pt. 2)

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In the last year or so, the pro wrestling world has really gotten involved in the podcast craze. It’s a great trend. You don’t need a bunch of sponsors, or corporate people to impress. You simply hop on the air, speak your mind and throw it out to the public. Those who flock to it become your fans, those who don’t, oh well.

As someone who works online and works in the pro wrestling business, I’ve sampled many of the online podcasts that pro wrestling has to offer. In the following space, I’m going to take a look at some of the better podcasts that I would reccommend to any fans out there looking for interesting wrestling-related content to listen to. Here is part two of “Looking At The Pro Wrestling Podcast Craze.” For those who missed part one, click here.

MLW Radio

This is another one of my favorite podcasts in the wrestling world. MLW Radio features former WCW star and Mexican wrestling legend Konnan, along with current AAA matchmaker Mister Saint Laurent. The two talk about the world of wrestling on their show on a weekly basis.

On a regular basis, Konnan, with his ties to the industry, will break a lot of scoops and rumors going on in the world of wrestling. Konnan is literally the reason I listen to the show. Having interviewed Konnan multiple times in the past for my own show, WZR Radio (now known as WZRtv), I know first-hand that nothing is off-limits with the Mexican wrestling legend. Konnan is a completely unfiltered personalitiy, and truly a breath of fresh air in a world full of phonies and suck-ups. Boom.

Where MLW Radio can be heard:

Art Of Wrestling

This is one of the podcasts that really started the craze and lead the way for many of the shows that would follow. Colt Cabana hosts the Art Of Wrestling podcast, a unique look into the world of wrestling from the point of view of one of the best independent wrestlers in the world.

Cabana has the unique ability because of all of the traveling he does for his indy shows, to interview a number of different people, mostly face-to-face, on-location. It really provides a fresh feeling, and doesn’t feel as canned or stale as many of the telephone or skype interviews you will hear on the various other wrestling podcasts.

In addition to being a top name in the wrestling business, Cabana is also an aspiring stand-up comedian. Having that background provides some true comedy and entertainment on top of the informative news you will get, and as mentioned, the many live interviews with wrestlers and other personalities that are featured on his show.

Cabana is basically the Louis C.K. of the wrestling world, as he has created a pretty solid business for himself without the inclusion of corporations. He does everything in a very grass-roots style. He sells his t-shirts, produces his podcasts, and virtually everything else involved in his business, basically on his own. Much respect. We love Colt.

Where the Art Of Wrestling podcast can be heard:


Screw it, of course I’ll throw my own in there! WZRtv is a web-video show featuring myself and fellow journalist Ryan Clark. I started the show back in the year 2000 on a different website I worked for at the time, and for the first several years, would host the show alongside my buddy Clark. We would interview a “who’s who” in both pro wrestling and mixed martial arts.

A few years later, I left the show to focus more on my MMA work. I gave the show to Clark, who continued to run with it for a few years with a mixture of different co-hosts. Eventually, Clark lured me back.

The idea behind our show is different from many websites out there. Our goal is not so much to inform you, as we figure that’s what you come to this wesite for – information. So we try to entertain, all-the-while informing you. We talk about the news and results in wrestling, but in a very loose format. We’re very open and honest on the show, and try not to be so robotic like many other shows, who basically do their impression of a professional radio show adapted to the wrestling style. We basically hop on the air and shoot the shit with you guys for two hours a week.

Where WZRtv can be heard:

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