Lots Of News & Notes On Rob Van Dam + More News


— Rob Van Dam will take part in a panel at the San Diego Comic Con next month which looks at the relationship of comic books and pro wrestling. Also appearing are Rik Offenberger (First Comic News.com), Francis Szyskowski (The Massacre Twins), Todd Tochioka (Working Snug.com) and former PWG wrestler Scott Lost (Scott Lost-Art), who now does comic art professional.

Here’s the official description: “Some have called the spectacle of pro wrestling a “comic book come to life.” That is not so far from the truth. From the heroics of Hulk Hogan, antiheroes such as John Cena, and villains like Ric Flair, come and explore the parallels that exist in character development and storyline advancement between these outrageous forms of narrative presented by architects from both worlds.”

It will take place at 8 PM on Thursday night of the Comic-Con.

— Speaking of RVD, he cut a promo on Sami Callihan for their 2CW match on June 24 in New York. The event is being billed as a special “Mr. Monday Night” event since it takes place on a Monday:

— Here is the latest episode of “Worst Promo Ever” with Colt Cabana:

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