Madi Wrenkowski Talks Facing Jazz In Her Debut Wrestling Match


One of the pro wrestling’s hottest rising stars Madi Wrenkowski recently sat down for an interview with the “It’s My Wrestling Podcast” where she discussed a number of topics including her debut match against WWE and ECW legend Jazz. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

Regarding how the match came to be, Madi said the following:

Yeah. So the school that I chose to start my training off was Hybrid School of Wrestling here in San Antonio, Texas. Chris Marvel is the head coach and he actually cares about his students. So he brought in Jazz, Rodney Mack and Funaki to the school to do a seminar. From that seminar they actually stayed. So we were able to like get a larger facility, there’s four rings, and each coach had their own ring to run. So at that moment when I first started training and about to start performing, Jazz was actually my trainer. It was actually a student versus trainer match for my first match ever and it was terrifying. But I’m like, not many people can say that got to wrestle a legend in their first match.

Madi would go on to describe how the match went down:

I was terrified! Having the first match ever is terrifying but then to go against Jazz, like I feared this woman growing up and now I’m going to be standing literally across the ring from her. That’s insane. But as one does, I watched a lot of film study to prepare. Then literally before every single match everyone’s chanting “Jazz is gonna kill you” and I was like yeah, she’s gonna do that. I don’t know how to respond because she probably is – and she did. Then as a true veteran, she knows that the fight isn’t just in the ring, it’s also mental. So like she made sure to tell me every single day leading up that I taught you some of what I know, not all of what I know. Just remember that. I’m like Jazz, I get it, okay – you’re gonna kick my butt!

The full interview can be found here.

Madi Wrenkowski has made a number of appearances in AEW, NWA and MPW. She most notably took part in the AEW Women’s Tournament, facing Britt Baker in the first round.

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