Major Backstage Update – Bobby Roode’s TNA Contract


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— Numerous people within TNA are insisting that there were no crowd plants who threw trash at Sunday’s Lockdown pay-per-view. The sources note that this would have been a major liability for the company as they could have been sued if a fan was hit by something that TNA initiated. They may be trying to cover their asses now that word leaked out that there were plants. Bully Ray was telling officials backstage that he could get them that reaction if they wanted.

— As reported on over the weekend, TNA ran into a serious contract issue with current TNA Tag Team Champion Bobby Roode leading into the Lockdown PPV. Roode didn’t appear on television for two weeks and it was feared he would miss the Lockdown PPV this past Sunday in San Antonio. TNA officials were able to sign him to a new deal just in time.

According to sources, TNA had the option of renewing the final year of Roode’s contract before it expired. By failing to do this, Roode became a free agent and it then created an issue with his work visa. Roode actually had to inform the TNA office himself about the contract issue in what was described as TNA’s talent relations department (headed up by Bruce Prichard) “dropping the ball and costing the company a big chunk of of money.” Roode reportedly was able to work out a “significant pay raise” as a result of the oversight by TNA. While this has happened in the past within TNA, Roode was described as one of the more high profile talent whose deal was allowed to expire by mistake.

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