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Matt Hardy – ‘I’ll Never Be In A Contract Story Again’



During a recent interview with The Daily Mail, Matt Hardy discussed his ongoing contract storyline with Ethan Page.

Hardy vowed to never do a wrestling contract storyline again.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On his contract storyline with Ethan Page: “Fortunately, I ended up doing this deal with Ethan Page, and we’ve kind of done it across all platforms of AEW entertainment. Whether it be Dynamite, Rampage, less on Elevation, some stuff on socials and It’s been really enjoyable. I’m going to put Ethan Page over huge. I think he’s an incredible talent. I’ve enjoyed working with him. I mean, we are really similar in our thought processes and in kind of the way we see things, and he’s very detailed, and I’m a big fan of him because of that. But this has been a blast, and I think we’re getting ready to go with it now in these next couple of steps before we get to the ultimate goal, we’re almost there. We’re almost at the ultimate goal of this whole program.”

On not wanting to do another contract story again: “It’s going to be very funny once this contract stuff is done with Ethan, which we’re getting very close to the end game here, but I’ll make sure to make a comment about it because I’m never going to be in a contract story again at all, because I’ve done my fair share.”

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