Matt Hardy Shares When He Plans To Retire, More


Matt Hardy discussed his retirement plans from wrestling in the most recent episode of his “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” podcast. The AEW wrestler noted that his decision would be based on his physical condition.

Hardy said, I don’t know. I will leave that up to my body. I will let it determine how much longer I can do this. It’s my passion. It’s something I love. I’m at that point where I like giving back and I like helping other people as well. So I’m gonna do it as long as I can do it, you know, and when it’s time to hang it up and move on, I shall hang it up and move on. There are so many amazing, great people out there who are so supportive and have followed me and my brother, Jeff, for the long haul. It’s amazing. When we come out on AEW, week in and week out, and we get that great reaction, and people still are showing love for us, and they’re chanting ‘Hardy,’ and they’re chanting ‘Delete,’ and they’re doing the ‘Delete swipe,’ it’s inspiring to me. It inspires me, it motivates me to continue to try to work hard to just be the best that I can and go out there and still do my gig and give them a Matt Hardy/Jeff Hardy memory.

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