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NewsMaven Recalls CM Punk’s Podcast On WWE Exit, Orton Openly Airing His...

Maven Recalls CM Punk’s Podcast On WWE Exit, Orton Openly Airing His Grievances



In his latest YouTube video, former WWE Superstar Maven reflected on the famous podcast interview CM Punk did with Colt Cabana following his WWE exit in 2014.

That interview eventually led to a lawsuit from WWE doctor Chris Amann as well as, ultimately, the dissolution of Punk and Cabana’s friendship.

Maven also recalled Randy Orton openly discussing his problems with Vince McMahon behind-the-scenes in WWE.

You can check out some highlights from the video below:

On Punk saying at the time that it’s ‘okay to be bitter’: “Bad things are going to happen, and if you’re not prepared for that in life, that object of walking around bitter, that’s going to only lay the groundwork for more bad things to happen in life. If you’re bitter about something, what is it that you’re bitter about and at that point, ‘What can I do next time to make me not feel this bitterness?’”

On Punk calling WWE creatively stifling and toxic then: “I’m not saying that’s what you sign up for, but that’s just life, that’s the world. When you’re backstage, and you’re one of 60 that’s back there, you realize sometimes they’re going to have things geared toward other people. Guys would just kind of get beat down mentally at times when maybe they were pushing someone else, and maybe they didn’t see in you what you saw in you. I know I felt that occasionally, so I understand where he’s coming from.”

On Randy Orton airing his grievances to Vince McMahon: “Randy would definitely do it. I’ve watched it. He was doing it back years before Punk was even in the WWE. So there were other guys. Other guys wouldn’t do it. Not because they didn’t have the balls to do it. It’s because they weren’t on Vince’s plane. They weren’t on Vince’s orbit.”

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