Mick Foley Fought With WCW To Be At Daughter Noelle’s Birth


WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley was determined to be at the birth of his daughter Noelle in 1993, despite WCW having other plans.

Outside of his wrestling persona as the ‘Hardcore Legend,’ Foley is a devoted family man, and his family life was the subject of the WWE Network series ‘Holy Foley.’


Speaking on his “Foley is Pod” show, Mick recalled his wife having a difficult pregnancy and his efforts to get time off from WCW to be with her in time for the birth. He said,

“She had to spend most of the day resting, and so I asked Eric if I could have the time off. He said, ‘Cactus, you just had time off for the Vader angle,’ and I said, ‘Yesterday on a house show I think I teamed up with Ice Train. You guys don’t have any plans for me.’ He granted me the time off.”

After the birth of Noelle in late 1993, Foley would remain with WCW until 1994 before debuting for the World Wrestling Federation in 1996.

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