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Mick Foley On The Importance Of Competition In Pro Wrestling, Talks AEW



WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley took to his Foley Is Pod podcast to discuss the importance of competition in pro wrestling, and why it’s important to have it. Specifically, Mrs. Foley’s baby boy spoke about the current situation with WWE and AEW. He also recalled the last time he spoke with Tony Khan.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

The last conversation he had with Tony Khan: “You know, the last time [I] reached out to Tony Khan? I just reached out and said ‘Hey, have you ever thought of procuring the rights to Thunderstruck for Thunder Rosa?’ This was about a year ago, just out of the blue, you know. Not like, ‘Hey, can I have a [job]?’ It was like, ‘Hey, have you ever thought of securing the rights?’ I just thought, ‘Man, that would be epic, get the whole crowd chanting.’ And he thanked me for it, wished me well, and away I went.”

Why it’s important to have competition in wrestling: “It’s better for AEW, it’s better for WWE. I would tell you that I was talking to a mid-90s female talent who told me she never made over X amount of dollars a year, and I was shocked. Shocked. So now, someone on that level in the female roster makes well over a million dollars a year. And I don’t know if they’re doing that without the competition. So I’d like to think WWE is doing it because it’s the right thing, but they say a rising tide lifts all boats.

“And look, when people say, ‘Are you a WWE loyalist?’ I say first and foremost, I’m for the boys. And when I say ‘boys,’ I mean collectively the men and the women. I want what’s best for the talent, and ultimately I do believe that what’s best for the talent is best for the company. So I love WWE, but I love the fact that there’s a strong competition. And if they’re claiming it’s not competition, they’re fooling themselves.”

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