Mick Foley Speaks Out – Physical Shape, 30 Rock, More


Avclub.com recently interviewed Mick Foley, here are the highlights…


His Body Today: “Oh yeah, I would not advise anybody to do the things that I did during my career. I’ve tried not to be reckless, although I’m sure people could find many clips where I was. But I think the most lasting effects were just from being very physical and high-impact for a long time. I may have avoided too many knee surgeries, but my knees are shot. They’re worn down and arthritic from landing on them for so many years.”

His Relationship with the Audience: “Well, I think fans feel like they have a closer relationship with me than the other wrestlers because I’ve written books that have been very conversational and personal. So, there millions of people out there who aren’t fazed when they see me, but the ones who do recognize me feel like they know me, which can be a little odd at times. Fortunately, it’s more positive than not.”

Beyond the Mat: “I think it let people appreciate my career and what I’d been through a little bit more, and it helped them appreciate me as a person and not just a wrestler. It’s interesting that quite a few people who enjoyed Beyond The Mat weren’t wrestling fans. I can always tell when it’s been rerun on cable because a whole new group of people will come up and say hello to me, who never actually watched wrestling but were captivated by the documentary. It was surreal to actually watch that movie on the big screen during its limited run. When we started shooting that, I really thought it would be my lasting legacy in the wrestling business. I had no idea that things were going to turn out as well as they did.”

On His Comedy: “It seemed like a big leap, but actually it was kind of a natural extension from some of the speaking I’ve done at colleges over the years. The difference, and it is a big one, is that there was no emphasis on me being funny at those shows, but I found that I really enjoyed telling humorous stories in front of audiences.”

On His Upcoming Appearance on 30 Rock: “30 Rock is probably my favorite show on network television. Judah Friedlander is a buddy of mine. Judah presented me as one of Jenna’s cool new friends. I’m not only on the show, but I’m on as 1997 Mankind, and I do have a kissing scene, so it was a win-win.”

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