Missy Hyatt Reveals She Was Originally Set To Be Randy Savage’s Valet


Missy Hyatt, a retired professional wrestling valet, has claimed that she was originally supposed to be “Macho Man” Randy Savage‘s valet.

According to Hyatt, the original plan was for her to accompany Savage to the squared circle, however, this changed due to Savage’s insistence.


When Randy discovered he was getting a valet or a manager, he instantly opted for his wife to play the role since it was cheaper from a financial standpoint.

Miss Elizabeth eventually became Savage’s valet and the duo made an unforgettable pairing on WWE TV. Speaking on GAW TV, Hyatt said,

“I was originally supposed to be his valet. I sent my photos to George Scott who was in the booker in — it was WWF at the time … He was like, ‘We want you to be Randy Poffo’s valet,’ and it was really Randy Savage. And when Randy found out he was getting a valet or a manager, he was like — he wanted his wife to do it because he was cheap with the money.”

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