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NewsMJF On His Love For Burberry, Jim Ross Praises Nigel McGuinness

MJF On His Love For Burberry, Jim Ross Praises Nigel McGuinness



On a recent edition of the “SI Media Podcast,” AEW World Champion MJF revealed the origin story of his Burberry scarves.

MJF’s love for Burberry is such that his AEW World Title has a custom strap with the design.

MJF said, There was a 16 and under bar, like [a] club, but they didn’t serve alcohol, in Long Island. I went with my friends, it was the height of the summer, and, obviously, all the girls are all over me and that’s not hyperbole. I’m very good at getting with women. But there was one guy, in particular, who I could see also had a line forming for him, and, of course, this agitates me because whenever the spotlight’s not on me I get very agitated. I look at this guy — again, the height of summer — and this guy’s got on Gucci shoes, long black jeans, and a Burberry scarf, wool. Wool! It’s the summertime, it’s hot as balls not just outside, but in this club, and I’m thinking to myself, ‘You schmuck, the only reason you’re wearing that is so everybody in here knows you can afford it,’ and then I thought, ‘Huh!’ and there you go.”

On a recent edition of his “Grilling JR” podcast, Jim Ross praised fellow broadcaster Nigel McGuinness for his work on AEW Collision and for being a good colleague.

Ross said, “I enjoy working with Kevin Kelly and Nigel. Nigel is getting really good. Not that Kevin isn’t, but Nigel is kind of a newcomer in that world and he’s doing a great job. I enjoy working with him. He’s fun and he’s a good guy. I know he wants to have one more match somewhere down the road, and I hope he gets it. I saw online the other day where Brian Danielson said him and Nigel would be a hell of a match at Wembley — and it might be.”

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