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MJF Reacts To Not Headlining AEW Double Or Nothing, Potentially Wrestling At Forbidden Door II



MJF successfully retained the AEW World Championship against Darby Allin, Sammy Guevara, and “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry in the Four Pillars Four Way match at AEW Double Or Nothing 2023 on Sunday night.

At the post-show media scrum, MJF spoke about not headlining Double Or Nothing 2023 and his possible opponent for Forbidden Door.

You can check out some highlights from the media scrum below:

On if he was unhappy about not going on last: “No, no. Why the f**k would I want to roll around in Jon Moxley’s blood? I’m f**king good on that, okay? No thanks. Also, realistically, whether it’s this company or WWE, I think the World Title having to go on last is kinda dead in wrestling. Also, how many PPVs has the World Title not gone on last in this company…

“But yeah, I’d rather not run around in all that f**kin’ mid blood. Can we get real real quick? That was f**king disgusting. Wheeler Yuta was in that match. You think I wanna roll around in Wheeler Yuta blood?”

On what younger talent could learn from someone like him: “What I think you could learn is, what we’re seeing now — I posted on social media, and social media is a dirty, dirty drug these days. I almost wish I never go on social media, because it’s filled with — let’s be honest — 7%. That’s a factual stat that I’m hitting you with. 7% of our audience, overall audience, is using Twitter. It’s an echo chamber. And when you think about professional wrestling takes, I liken it to somebody going to a restaurant, eating the food, and then bothering to get on their phone to write a Yelp review. Raise your hand if you’ve actually written a Yelp review. There’s not a single person who’s done that, because that’s f**king lame as s**t and you should have better time to do other s**t. Grow the f**k up.

“But I posted something on the dirty social media, and I said what I wish people would learn is, wrestling fans are bloodthirsty, disgusting marks that don’t care about our wellbeing, right? Nobody gives a f**k that my forearm’s f**ked. You don’t care. You’re just f**king amped that you saw me f**king dump Darby Allin on his head. Granted, so was f**king I, but still. You don’t give a f**k about us. You pretend that you do. But you don’t give a f**k about us. You care about us just as much as, I don’t know, the f**king leader of the Romans cared about his f**king gladiators. You don’t give a s**t. So what I wish young guys would understand and learn is, you get way more out of being a charismatic phenom than you do out of f**king risking your life trying to do a maneuver that quite frankly, might not win you the match… Stop being f**king idiots. These people don’t pay your salaries. Grow up.”

On who he’s interested in facing at Forbidden Door: “Do I have to wrestle at Forbidden Door? F**k that. Oh God, it’s a f**king indie fed, dude. I don’t know, man. Jesus Christ. Look, with all due respect — with all due respect, their greatest legend probably couldn’t lace my boots. I think I would make anybody on that roster look silly, and I don’t wanna waste my time. I’m a very busy man. There’s your answer. I think New Japan Pro Wrestling sucks. Except that Great-O-Khan guy, he f**king pops me. I like him. But everyone else there’s the drizzling s**t. I don’t know. It reminds me of just a local indie fed.”

The post-AEW Double Or Nothing 2023 media scrim is now streaming. You can check out the livestream below:

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