Mojo Rawley Comments On Rob Gronkowski Possibly Returning To WWE, More


During a recent interview with ABC15 Phoenix, Mojo Rawley discussed his WWE career, Rob Gronkowski possibly returning to a WWE ring and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On Rob Gronkowski possibly returning to WWE: “In my opinion and a lot of others, he’s the greatest tight end to ever play the game. You take all those assets and just raw abilities that you have and you bring that here, it’s kind of a recipe for success one way or another. He has a lot on his plate right now. Whether an appearance here in the WWE again comes at Wrestlemania, or whether it comes to a Wrestlemania five years from now, I’m sure at some point you’re going to see him in a ring again.”


On his WWE career so far: “Believe it or not, being in WWE was the first thing I ever wanted to do, well before I even started with my football career. I almost look at football as a means to this end. It’s kind of cool to see life coming full circle now that I’m here.”

On The Ultimate Warrior being his inspiration: “I emulate him a little in my entrance to this day, just coming out all hyped up, running around, flipping out all over the place. He was always the guy I pretended to be when I was a kid, and still is.”

On the lack of a WWE offseason: “You take your training protocols and regimen and you just throw them out the window, because they are not applicable here. Football, it’s little bursts. A play is 3-5 seconds and that’s it. A wrestling match is a lot longer than that. You don’t know how long they’re going to be sometimes. You’ve got to train more for conditioning, endurance and stamina as opposed to necessarily maximum power. We’re on the road five days a week, traveling, flights, long drives every day. It’s really the travel that will beat you up. It’s not like football where you can hang on to those nagging injuries or postpone surgery for a month or two until the offseason, and you have this long break to come back brand-new. We don’t get that luxury here. It’s about maintaining and just finding ways to be able to show up every day in one piece and get the job done.”

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