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Mojo Rawley Recalls Near-Death Experience With “Suffocating” COVID-19



Former WWE Superstar Mojo Rawley has opened up about his battle with COVID-19 which nearly cost the seven-time 24/7 Champion his life.

On a recent edition of the “Power Alphas” podcast, Rawley recalled dealing with the disease and how close he came to losing his life. He said,

“I got it really bad, really bad. I almost died from it. I got hit and for some reason, it hit me worse than anybody else in the company. I couldn’t wear t-shirts. I couldn’t lay down. Anything was suffocating. There were days I couldn’t speak.”

Rawley added that he missed a year of his career due to his battle with COVID and that his body constantly relapsed before he was able to come back.

Mojo Rawley was released from WWE in April 2021, ten months after what’d be his final match with the company.

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