Mojo Rawley Explains Why WES Promotion Failed


Ex-WWE Superstar Mojo Rawley has claimed that a series of unfortunate events led to the early demise of Wrestling Entertainment Series.

WES, the new promotion by former WWE tag-team AOP, was scheduled to host their debut event in June this year, but was postponed to July.


Days before the rescheduled event, AOP confirmed that the show, which had promoted several former WWE names, was off.

Speaking to Wrestling Inc, Rawley, who had been advertised for the show, explained what went wrong.

“It was just one series of unfortunate events after another. We are talking like deaths of country’s rulers that thrust the country into mandatory shutdown of events as per the mourning period, into pivoting to a different country on literally one day’s notice.”

The death Rawley referenced relates to Prince Philip of the United Kingdom, who died less than a month before WES’ initially scheduled debut show.

Rawley added that the initial plan was for WES to work in the Middle East first before plans changed to Nottingham, England.

The promotion also faced criticism for promoting talent after they had made it clear they would not be appearing.

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