“The Monster” Matanza Cueto On WWE Wanting Him To Get Bigger & Having His Eyes On Japan


Current Lucha Underground star Matanza Ceuto or better known as Jeff Cobb, was the most recent guest on Sean Waltman’s; X-Pac 12360 podcast. During the interview, Cobb discussed how WWE wanted him to become a better performer by getting bigger, as well as wanting to expand himself into Japan pro-wrestling.

Here are the highlights:

On WWE Wanting Him To Get Bigger:

“Everybody wants to get to the WWE so I did a little thing with them and they wanted me to get bigger. Yeah, this is when I was only like 215-220 so I was like “well I got to get bigger”, I’ll get bigger so I just started lifting more and less cardio.”

Having His Eyes Set On Japan:

“I just feel my style would work there great; I think the Japanese fans would be really receptive too. Like, someone compared me once to Gary Albright obviously a shorter version and probably with better hair; I can’t grow a mullet. That is definitely on my foreseeable future list or my to-do list.”

How Cobb First Came Across The “Matanza” Gimmick:

“At first I was kind of bummed about being under a mask. At the time when they (Lucha Underground) told me the character, I didn’t really comprehend or grasp what it was but at the time I was just looking for any exposure to get my name out there and I just figured it’s something to expand on me personally instead of just being the same person over and over in every indie company.”



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