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NewsMontez Ford Provides An Update On His & Bianca Belair's Reality Show,...

Montez Ford Provides An Update On His & Bianca Belair’s Reality Show, More



Montez Ford recently spoke with The New York Post to discuss a variety of topics, including his upcoming reality show with Bianca Belair.

According to the Street Profits member, the reality show will be debuting later this year or early next year. He said,

“Very, very soon. I would say between October and maybe February.”

When Ford was asked about filming his and Belair’s five-year anniversary in Las Vegas, he said,

“I think the good thing about doing the show is the same thing as working with Dawkins, I don’t feel like it’s work. I’m actually having a great time with the person I love and that I want to share this life with. It doesn’t necessarily feel like work, just another reflection of how we are as people outside of wrestling, too. It never feels like work with her or Daws. It just feels like we are having a conversion or a moment shared with just a camera right here [motions toward his face]. At first, it takes some getting used to. It’s not a normal thing. You got a camera there. It’s a little awkward at times in the beginning because you’re just talking and this camera. What are you going to say? What is your expression to that, but after that, you get used to it. I have to watch what I say because I have a little potty mouth.”

In other news, WWE has announced the following three matches for this week’s episode of NXT Level Up:

* Ikemen Jiro vs. Damon Kemp
* Ivy Nile vs. Karmen Petrovic
* Duke Hudson vs. Luca Crusifino

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