More Details On Jim Cornette’s Resignation From The NWA, Why They Were Upset With Him


In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer revealed more information regarding the resignation of Jim Cornette from the National Wrestling Alliance.

According to the report, Dave Lagana largely shoulders the responsibility for missing the offensive line on commentary and not editing it out but he largely attributed it to exhaustion. It is also said that the major aspect that the NWA took umbrage with was Jim’s refusal to apologize for the comment and NWA was also unhappy with Jim’s bashing of AEW:

“According to one person very close to the situation, Lagana held himself accountable for his mistake in not editing the line out. This was blamed on simply exhaustion. But it was also noted that there have been other lines said on the NWA shows that Lagana has edited out that would also qualify as poor taste stuff.

“The real issue as far as the NWA was concerned was that Cornette refused to apologize.

“It was also noted that there were those there who weren’t happy that he had become so anti-AEW on his podcast which, as their announcer, was something that led to negativity from some toward their product. The reality is that the NWA Powerrr audience on YouTube had very significant crossover with that of AEW Dark, so they have similar fan bases. Even if they didn’t, while a voice of one promotion can criticize the other, it needs to be reasoned and Cornette’s way over-the-top criticisms of AEW were not a good look for the NWA. The only reason he could get away with it up to this point is because everyone recognized how talented he was at his job.”

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