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— In recent weeks, TNA has a lot more focus into the company’s digital content distribution, including getting their product out through streaming services and online content releases for different platforms.

— TNA has split their new media into two different departments. Bill Banks will head up the digital content end of the company, while Jeremy Borash, who has been very important in terms of bringing the company into the social media age, will take over that aspect.

— The company has signed with a “One Screen” which will handle their distribution through all platforms, as opposed to TNA having to handle each platform as a separate entity. This means material through Roku, Youtube, iTunes, Smart Phones, Amazon and more. The goal internally is that within a year, they will have as much content as possible available, with the same content available on all platforms. They are currently focusing on getting everything in their archives up to date on all the platforms, and then move forward with more original content.

— The first step of this project has been getting everything up on the company’s official YouTube page, which makes it widely available to many people. The company is also working on Netflix and Hulu as additional platforms to create new revenue stream.

— Another new strategy the company is currently testing out is placing their Sacrifice PPV online for purchase via YouTube almost immediately after the live broadcast. The YouTube videos allow fans to watch the first two minutes of the show with the option of purchasing the complete show.

— TNA will also have a renewed focus on their website, where they stream their PPVs worldwide. Over the recent weeks, the company has been having meetings to discuss and pitch potential exclusive series for online as well as live programming that could stream via Youtube and their On Demand site. The company has wanted to broadcast from different house shows and has tested that material in the past.

— The following content is already available for purchase via TNA’s Youtube channel:

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