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Multi-Figure Lawsuit Filed Against WWE


PWInsider have today reported that a multi-figure lawsuit has been filed against WWE in relation to a 2019 traffic incident.

The lawsuit which was filed on June 12 by Jackson Parsons, alleged that he suffered “physical injuries, pain-and-suffering, disability and the inability and loss of the capacity to lead and enjoy normal life, inconvenience, disfigurement, scarring and mental anguish.” According to Parsons, this was as a result of WWE employee Gaitan Thomas driving a van rented by WWE, and then causing some form of an accident between the two, whilst Parsons was riding a bicycle at the time.

The lawsuit states that Parson has incurred medical expenses in the amount of $171,430.38, with future medical expenses projected at $314,850.00, as well as his loss of earnings that are estimated at $75,036.00 to $100,048.00 between past and future issues.

Additionally, Parsons demanded a settlement in December 2020 for the amount of $1,064,328.38.

It is noted WWE are yet to reply in any form to the lawsuit.


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