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NewsMy Review of the WWE Network "7 PPVs in 6 Months!!"

My Review of the WWE Network “7 PPVs in 6 Months!!”



My WWE Network subscription has come to an end. So I thought, why not give my
thoughts along with sharing my thought process when joining the WWE
network, what all did I get from it, what I enjoyed and didn’t. I hate reviews personally as I feel everyones opinion is different. The person themself decides whether something sucks or not. However, the main reason I’m doing this is to share what I watched and the strategy that I had. So let’s
get at it, my review of the WWE network….

: I know many of you are thinking what strategy to do with the
WWE network. Well think about it, some of you probably joined up the
first day, week or month. I joined on April Fools day which turned out
to be a genius move. Why was it so smart? I not only got Wrestlemania,
but I got Summerslam as well. My subscription ended October 1st which
meant I ended up with 7 ppvs in a 6 month period along with the NXT ppvs
and so forth. Why did I wait? No ppv in the month of march so basically
you weren’t getting your moneys worth if you joined the first day or
week as February 24th was the launch date. It was worth the wait for
Summerslam and getting a 7th WWE ppv. I will reveal my strategy for when
I sign up again towards the end of this article.

did I watch?
Just to summarize, I watched 2 ECW ppvs, all the
countdowns, Wrestlemania rewinds, Legends House, WWE ppvs from 97
Survivor Series-2001, including all in your house, WCW ppvs from the
time Hogan joined NWO til Starrcade 98, original content too like
Warrior Doc, Shield, and some of the legends roundtable. Now it looks
crazy on paper, but keep in mind 6 month subscription. I also want to
stress, I did not watch any of those ppvs in full. I just watched the
matches I cared about seeing which is usually about 3 matches on the
card. The main event matches that featured outsiders, Goldberg, Sting,
Giant, so forth usually some cruiserweight from time to time. I know
some people out there may be angry over me not watching so on and so
forth. However, Al Snow vs Bossman isn’t 1 of the reasons I paid for the
WWE network. I also own several DVDs and anthologys so I didn’t watch
the ppvs, matches I had on DVDs I own which speeded up the process big
time to get through all that. I apologize if I hurt anyones feelings for
not wanting to see certain matches. I did enjoy going back watching
Disco Inferno though. I need his song as a ringtone. I just watched the
build in Wrestlemania rewinds as I own every WM other than WM30. Shows
like countdown and legends house I listened to while multi-tasking.

: I enjoyed the original documentary of Warriors the most. I liked
Shields too. Those were my favorites that I watched on the network. I
like many of you loved the monday night wars as you can tell with what I
watched from the beginning of NWO-Goldbergs undefeated streak. I was
very upset that it took so long to get that on the WWE network. Being
able to have access to all that content to the WWE network is awesome.
Nice to see all the Nitros and Raws added finally. I’d like to see
recent Raws added as well as I work sometimes on Mondays. Like most I
watch football or basketball games while it is on as well. It would be
nice to not have to search on youtube for it. I may have been like many
of you, that show looks horrible on the trailers why watch Legends
house? Bored 1 day with family decided to put it on. Glad I did, it was
good. Not great, but after watching the Legends house…..I’m glad I
ended up doing so.

why end the subscription?
Because, I’d rather just pay for the major
ppvs sending a message to them I’m not a sheep. You got to serve me good
matches to get me to want to sub. Who knows when Brock will compete
again. The way Survivor Series has been treated over the years….I
believe he may wait til maybe the Royal Rumble. I could be wrong, WWEs
product stinks. Of course you got some highs like Rollins and Ambrose,
but still shoving these old farts down our throats like Orton, Kane,
Show, ect. Pushing Miz instead of Sandow? Tag division? Why didn’t they
drop the belts to the Wyatt Family? No teams! Midcard is what midcard
has been for years. I think they will go the route of giving us Cena vs
Rollins inside the Cell. I just have that feeling even though I’d rather
see Ambrose in the cell.

: I plan on doing just the month for 13 bucks for Rumble and
joining the week of Mania to do the 6 month sub again. So what will I
watch til than? I’ve got DVD and Blu rays still sealed that I have
planned on watching for a long while. However, didn’t have the time. I
wanted to make sure I got the most of the WWE network as well. That
along with other hobbies along with balancing a job to boot. I bought
TNA DVDs for christmas and they still are sealed shut waiting to be
watched. Of course I purchased movies since then. I may sign up for
netflix as well. 8 bucks a month….still thinking about waiting with
all these movies sitting on my stand waiting to be watched from
Spiderman trilogy, Walking dead seasons 1-3, TNA + WWE, and so forth.

What did you think of the WWE network? What did you watch? What was
your favorite thing on the network? What do you think of my strategies?
Leave that and more in the comment section below…..thanks for

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