New Jack Says He Wants To ‘Piss On Jerry Lawler’s Grave’


ECW Original New Jack has continued to rant on Jerry Lawler. Here are some of his latest tweets:

“Just heard about Lawler…fuck that racist motherfucka…die slow,you fucking cock sucker

If lawler dies,let me know where his grave is so,I can go piss on it…fuck that bitch Please let me know where they put that fucka in the ground so,I can piss on his grave

Bitch,I’m not here to make you happy and if what I said hurts…GO FUCK YOURSELF…FAN

I don’t work for a fucking fan so,if what I say hurts ur lil white feeling…SO FUCKING WHAT…YOU ARE FOLLOWING ME BITCH BOY!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on internet gangstas…come on

I have really out done myself this time huh…1st Terri then Brian knobbs gets knocked the fuck out,I beat da shit outta balls and now jerry”

Unreal ….. Submit your thoughts below in the comments section.

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