Nick Aldis Comments On NWA Run, Proud He’s Never Been Released


Nick Aldis recently sat down with The Universal Wrestling Podcast to talk about what’s next following his departure from NWA. Aldis also spoke about his time in wrestling. You can read highlights of his appearance below:

His run with NWA ending: “For me, the significance of the year rolling over is the fact that yes, obviously, I became a free agent. You know, which I’m pleased about and excited about. But you know, truthfully, I feel like everyone else is making a bigger deal of that than I am. Because for me it was, you know, it wasn’t necessarily a case of, ‘Oh, I can’t wait to go somewhere else.’ For me, it was just more a case of, ‘My time here is done.’ You know, it probably should have been done a year ago. But I decided to to give it one more year, and this time around I went, ‘No, it’s definitely time for me to to move on and explore new opportunities.’


“And you know, things in this business, it’s like anything. You reach the point where you know in your gut that you’ve done everything you can do. And for me, that’s a big that’s a big thing. I mean, I reached the same conclusion at TNA.”

His history in pro wrestling: ” I will say that I take pride in the fact that the majority of my career has been spent under contract to two different promotions. And I’ve never been fired, I’ve never been, you know, released. I’ve always — my contract has expired and I’ve left in my own accord. And so I guess I take some solace in that fact.”

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