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NewsNina Samuels Had Mixed Feelings After WWE NXT UK Ending

Nina Samuels Had Mixed Feelings After WWE NXT UK Ending



Former WWE NXT UK Superstar Nina Samuels had mixed feelings following the closure of NXT UK in August of last year.

On a recent edition of the “Busted Open Radio” podcast, Samuels recalled her immediate reaction and realized that the brand’s end could be a door to plans outside of WWE. She said,

“It was really difficult to begin with. When I found out, I was actually in a locker room at an indie show, because we were allowed to do certain indies — so it was a pre-approved day.

“One of the first things I thought when I got released was ‘Okay, well now I can go to Japan.’ That was, for me, a bucket list moment that I’d never been able to do because, before WWE, I had a full-time job and I couldn’t commit to the tours. And, in WWE, we had the restrictions in place.

“Whilst it was a tough pill to swallow initially, it’s given me, without a doubt, the absolute best year of my career by a country mile.”

NXT UK came to an end to make way for NXT Europe, though there have been no updates on that brand for quite some time.

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