Note On CMLL COVID-19 Testing Procedures, Anniversary Show


CMLL held their 87th anniversary show last week, despite multiple changes due to positive COVID-19 tests. Bandido, Ultimo Guerrero, Princesa Sugehit, Rain and Lluvia were all pulled.

According to a report provided by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, more details on the changes to the card due to the shakeup and how stringent the testing was leading up to it have been revealed.

For example, Titan vs. Soberano was a late addition to the show after the CMLL trios title match got pulled when Guerrero tested positive. The card was to be fan-voted but that was thrown into disarray with the COVID changes. Four of the seven matches were changed.

One of the issues with CMLL is that they are not asking talent who work shows with those who have tested positive (such as Bandido) to quarantine for a two-week minimum as WWE and AEW have done when their wrestlers test positive. Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax were sidelined simply for having contact with someone with COVID, even though both have said they are healthy.

In Japan, entire shows have been cancelled for fear of someone contracting the virus. This isn’t the case with CMLL, as Guerrero continued to wrestle for a bit even after Lluvia tested positive, and the two are dating. CMLL continued to use wrestlers who worked with Guerrero and Bandido as well.

CMLL’s COVID testing was said to not be comprehensive and those who tested positive were tested on their own first. Some tested negative in their CMLL test but tested again elsewhere and were positive.

Others tested positive on their own and then again positive with CMLL. With Sugehit, she tested herself when finding out about the positive tests to protect herself and her family.

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