Nude Photos of Dash Wilder and Matt Riddle Leak Online, Riddle & Wilder both Respond


ORIGINAL: Over the weekend, nude photos of WWE Superstars Dash Wilder and Matt Riddle were leaked online. We know …. we know …. most of you dudes could care less and it’s not exactly what many of you are trying to look at. Of course, we won’t be linking the photos here on eWn (Google or Twitter search them if you really want to). In the photos, Wilder only shows half of his “small package” (it’s a wrestling move, y’all! :-)) while Riddle shows off everything and a lot more (ugh!). Some of the reactions from Twitter can be seen below:

UPDATE: Following the nude photo leaks, both Dash Wilder and Matt Riddle have taken to Twitter to address the pics. You can check out their reactions below:


If the photo doesn’t load above, you can click here to view it. The link will pop up in a new window.

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