NXT UK Tag Champs Want to Wrestle Undisputed ERA


The brand new NXT UK Tag Team Champions, Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster, recently spoke to Sportskeeda where they talked about their desire to go to the main WWE roster and their hopes to wrestle the Undisputed ERA:

Mark Andrews: I do feel like sometimes you dream, plan the rest of your career and I think you know as a kid growing up you want to work for the WWE and now there’s so many different areas to the company. You have NXT in America, NXT UK, 205 Live, RAW, SmackDown that it almost seems like the possibilities are endless. I definitely would consider moving over if big opportunities showed up out in the states. A personal goal for me is to perform at WrestleMania. Another one was to win championship gold in the UK and that one’s now ticked off which is amazing, but yeah definitely if the right opportunity showed up I’d be completely on board as much as I love being based in the UK. And I think that I’d always come back here at some point in my life but if the right opportunity showed up I’d travel anywhere in the world to try and achieve as much as I can in the WWE.
Flash Morgan Webster: We had this conversation this morning. We kind of said like the opportunities after that match last night and winning these gold’s kind of the opportunities we’re going to get in the future is amazing. But we have to kind of think ahead and wrestling’s always better when you take it step by step brick by brick as you (Mark Andrews) said last night in the theme song but yeah I think the next step ahead now is to concentrate on being the NXT UK tag team champions, becoming a division that the likes of Finn Balor, Cesaro — they are they’re scrambling to come over here. This is so hot and last night was just a taste of what this brand can do and trust me we are only just getting started. It’s onwards and upwards from here, trust me.
Andrews: Someone I’ve never, well, people have never had the opportunity to get in the ring with: Undisputed Era actually. Now I know they’re the pretty much a top team in NXT at the moment but we’re the top team in NXT UK right now so it seems awfully fitting and I feel like that’s a match that I would very much enjoy to have and that could really cement our careers as one of the top teams in the company so that’s my choice. Undisputed Era.

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