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Oliver Luck Says Vince McMahon Is ‘Corrupt & Deceitful’ In Ongoing XFL Lawsuit



Oliver Luck, the former XFL Commissioner, has retaliated and fired back at Vince McMahon, claiming that Vince is quote, “corrupt and deceitful”. In a report from Sportico, Luck’s legal team filed a memorandum of law in Connecticut Federal District Court on Friday as a response to McMahon and Alpha Entertainment’s latest filing, stating that Luck shared confidential information to an NFL agent and Luck’s brother-in-law, William Wilson.

Luck says McMahon, “violated his duty of good faith … to ensure that Alpha did not manufacture spurious or dishonest grounds on which to terminate Mr. Luck for the sinister purpose of avoiding payment of all compensation to which he was entitled upon a termination without cause.”

Luck claimed that he never received any written notice from Alpha or McMahon in regards to any alleged wrongdoing, nor did he receive any chance to repair any violations he was accused of. Furthermore, Luck said this was part of McMahon’s “bad faith” and a “sham attempt” set up by Alpha to have Luck look bad, hence why he got a dishonest firing.

Luck’s lawyers stated, “the Defendants knew that if [Luck] had received such notice and opportunity, he immediately would have cured the alleged violation and thereby deprive the defendants of an opportunity to avoid payment of the full amount.”

One argument that came up regarded Luck’s failure to release XFL star Antonio Callaway over his “bad reputation”. The defendants claim that Luck signed Callaway over McMahon’s concerns and objections after Luck failed to notify Vince of Callaway getting hurt. The new filing says that both Alpha and McMahon had purposefully misconstrued the facts regarding Callaway, stating that his contract made it clear that whoever XFL signed or released was at the hands of Oliver Luck. Luck filed a separate notion with a 3rd amended complaint saying he will have “additional details of defendants’ bad faith conduct.”

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