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NewsPaul Heyman Discusses Sami Zayn's Role In The Bloodline, What He Represents

Paul Heyman Discusses Sami Zayn’s Role In The Bloodline, What He Represents


During the post-WWE Survivor Series 2022 media scrum, The Bloodline’s Paul Heyman commented on what makes Sami Zayn stand out with The Bloodline, what he represents to the group, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the media scrum below:

On what makes Sami Zayn stand out with The Bloodline: “The dichotomy that he has with every member of the Bloodline. How many times have you seen the Bloodline, all, absolutely cannot contain a laugh in the ring when we’re in front of a sold-out arena with worldwide television cameras on us? Sami brings a dynamic that none of us were prepared for, and we’re prepared for everything. And what Sami also brings is a connection with the audience that none of us can have because we’ve been too busy being the top act in the entire industry for over two years.”

On what Sami Zayn represents: “Sami, to me, from my perspective and the Tribal Chief’s perspective, represents the member of the audience who gets his one chance to step in the ring and live out his dream, and does it so well every week that we say, ‘Do you mind coming back next Friday? We’d love to have you as part of the act.’ That’s who Sami has become. He’s a guy who was going to get a guest spot on a TV series, and he ends up being part of the cast because he’s just so damn passionate and so good at what he does.”

On what Zayn did tonight not having anything to Owens beating him in 2016: “And sir, I disagree with your assessment. I don’t find what Sami did to have anything to anything to do with 2016 because that was a story of disloyalty, and I don’t think what Sami Zayn did tonight was disloyal to Kevin Owens. It’s the same thing — in UFC, if two people from the same camp end up going for the heavyweight championship or the middleweight championship, then they’re going to fight. And afterwards, they’re going to say, ‘Hey, we’re on opposite sides of the cage, and we both got paid to fight each other. Sami Zayn was on the opposite side of Kevin Owens tonight. Kevin Owens was on a team. He chose to be on that team!”

On how Kevin Owens was disloyal to Sami Zayn: “If anybody was disloyal to anybody, Kevin Owens was disloyal to Sami Zayn. He put Sami Zayn in a terrible position of having to choose between his best friend and The Bloodline, the greatest faction in the industry and the top star in the industry, Roman Reigns, and the acceptance of Roman Reigns, which makes all of us relevant. And Sami was not disloyal to Kevin Owens. He took on his opponent. He showed his loyalty to the Bloodline. And that is why tonight, Sami was the important cog in the wheel, the most important factor in the equation. But if tomorrow, Roman Reigns needs backup, the elders have sent Solo. If he needs the counsel, if he needs the tag team, it all depends on the needs of the moment. We serve at the pleasure of the Tribal Chief.”

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