Paul Roma Discusses The Rumors Of Him Having Heat With Triple H


Former member of the Four Horsemen, Paul Roma, recently sat down with The Two Man Powertrip Of Wrestling podcast. During the interview, Roma spoke on the rumored backstage heat that he had/has with Triple H & cleared the air for anyone wondering.

Here’s an excerpt from that particular portion of the podcast:

Roma: “My understanding is that he is running NXT. I think he is turning out a fairly decent product. I think people have a misconception of how I feel about Triple H. You might say, well I’ve heard what you said but sometimes that can be misunderstood also. When Triple H went to WCW and he first started, they asked me to help train him and sharpen him up and that is what we did. Him and I tagged and it was fun, I have no qualms about Triple H as far as that goes. I also know that somebody has either a Twitter account or had one and they were really going at it with Triple H as me and I cut a promo and told them to cease and desist because they are not me and if it keeps up I’ll find you and you will be in a lot of trouble. If I want to get myself in trouble I can do it, I don’t need somebody else doing it for me.”

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