The Reason Cesaro Wears A Mouthguard On WWE TV


WWE fans might remember that this past September during The Bar’s No Mercy pay-per-view (PPV) match-up against Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, Cesaro lost two of his front teeth after getting catapulted into a ring post by “The Lunatic Fringe.” As a result Cesaro has been forced to wear a mouthguard for the past several weeks, most likely to protect his healing teeth.

Cesaro wearing the mouthguard has been absolutely terrible for his promos, however, and there’s a rumor floating around that the call to have him wear it is probably a backstage joke by Vince McMahon. According to a report from Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, Cesaro is wearing the mouthguard cause WWE doesn’t want fans to see his braces. There was no update on how long he will be wearing the mouthguard.

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