Reason World of Sport Tapings Was Delayed


According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the reason the World of Sport tapings were delayed is because the tapings were too close to the dates for the Impact tapings in India (May 30 & June 1) and now the company is having trouble finding new dates. The real issue is that ITV and Impact didn’t come to a business agreement over their partnership. ITV wants to do it, and the feeling was that they had the structure to handle a taping for one show, though not to run a promotion, and that is why they tried to make a partnership with Impact.

Whether ITV would do it on their own or work with a U.K. promotion is still not yet known. The issue with the UK promotions is that all the talent in the UK – besides those signed with WWE & Anthem – are free agents and work everywhere, and ITV would want a crew under contract so that WWE couldn’t take them away.

The Mirror reported that the shows will not be taped until 2018. It’s being said that it would likely kill the project; by the time they got around to taping, the feeling is that the top talent will have sign elsewhere. Many of the talents don’t think it will happen now since no new dates were announced.

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