Reginald Comments On Ricochet Being A Mentor To Him, Talks R-Truth


During a recent appearance on WWE’s “The Bump”, new WWE 24/7 Champion Reginald commented on his recent match against R-Truth, Ricochet being a mentor to him, and more. You can check out some highlights from the show below:

On working with R-Truth: “For one, to be in the ring with R-Truth in itself is a blessing. Because looking up to R-Truth when I was younger…to share the ring with him was one, incredible, and also it was in my home state, so that was also great for me.”

On how he started his tumbling career: “So, my friends and I and my brothers, we used to tumble in the grass, and I used to watch them when I was 3-years-old, so I’d watch these guys and turn myself on the bed. So, yeah, I started turning myself over and flipping at 3-years-old. At the age of 9, I started seeing my brothers do it, and things started slowing down for me. It seemed like a movie; the flips started to slow down. We would meet each other in vacant lots and do them on dirty mattresses and stuff like that. We would just flip for hours and hours throughout the day.”

On Ricochet being a mentor to him: “Oh, he’s motivation, and he’s a mentor; he’s everything to me. He was one of the guys that I gravitated towards when I got here because before I got here, I looked up to him. He was the one doing all the cool and high-flying movements and whatnot. He’s been such a huge help, big mentor and definitely most vital to my career.”

On his entrance for his match against R-Truth: “I think the credit goes to the cameramen because that angle was insane. I watched that GIF back 15 times in a row because it was so cool! It was such a surreal moment for me because one week prior, it was my first time in front of a live crowd. Not only the first time ever [in front of an audience], but my first title win [took place there]. It was super incredible. And then, to follow it up with something more spectacular in the ring with R-Truth, it was… my heart was very full and warm.”

(h/t – Wrestling Inc)

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