Report – Major Heat On Serena Deeb In AEW


Serena Deeb has been absent from AEW TV for quite some time, and a new report sheds light on her current status.

Deeb last wrestled for AEW in October 2022 on an episode of AEW Dark: Elevation.


She recently made one of her first public appearances in a while at the Cauliflower Alley Club.

Fightful Select has revealed two different stories from different sides about Deeb’s absence, one of which involves her having heat with management.

Deeb has reportedly informed people that she’s dealing with a serious injury and is trying her best to get cleared.

Meanwhile, sources in AEW suggest that Deeb has backstage heat due to a major disagreement that she had with management that led to her being written off.

It is said that Deeb was extremely vocal about the way she was being used on AEW TV and the amount of screen-time she was given.

Deeb reportedly accused AEW President Tony Khan and others in AEW management of reducing her match times without informing her until they reached the ring.

AEW’s side claimed to have actually pulled a list of times and showed Deeb that her match times weren’t shortened based on what was budgeted for the show.

Deeb’s level of disagreement birthed disrespect according to people familiar with the matter.

People close to Deeb suggest that they haven’t heard the latter story directly from her. However, several talents on the roster and people elsewhere in AEW are said to have heard the story.

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