Report – Nikki Bella Unsure If She Trusts John Cena


According to a report from PEOPLE Magazine, WWE women’s wrestler Nikki Bella doesn’t known whether she can trust her former fiancé John Cena. An anonymous source told PEOPLE that Nikki is unsure about Cena’s motives as they apparently try to work things out and get back together. The source told the website the following,

“Nikki doesn’t know if she trusts John still. Is he really saying he wants to be a dad just for her or does he truly want to have children? The more attention this is getting, the more pressure Nikki feels.”

Nikki Bella is reportedly “keeping her circle of friends small” right now, with PEOPLE saying,

“Nikki is trying to figure out what’s best for her right now. She’s trying to focus on herself by spending time with close friends and family and staying committed to work. She’s not the type to just jump back into it.”

As previously reported here on, the couple reportedly got back together in late May, with Nikki saying earlier this month that they are working things out “day by day.”

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